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Who Am I?

Hi! I am Heidi Pellegrino. When I am not giving talks to young girls, I am busy being a wife and a mom of two teenagers. My family keeps me busy but I also love walking my dog, taking yoga classes and curling up with my kitties while reading a good book! I also make time to volunteer with my local kindergarten classes. I love working one on one with the students and watching them grow throughout the school year.

What I Do

  • I come to your house and have fun discussions about our changing female bodies during puberty.
  • I use anatomically correct terms and diagrams.
  • We see and feel actual period products.
  • We assemble emergency bags for each participant.
  • I offer book recommendations and other resources.
  • Everyone learns tips and tricks.
  • We have fun!

What They Say

Kate D.

Heidi is a national treasure. Teens and tweens, boys and girls everywhere can benefit from her programming. Sh eis kind and clever and has an uncanny ability to establish a rapport with young folks who are yearning to learn important information about the way their bodies operate. Heidi empowered my daughter to transition into puberty with grace and confidence with the tools she needs to remain happy, healthy and safe. I can not recommend Heidi and her services emphatically enough. Run, don't walk to sign up for her classes.

What They Say

Courtney B.

Heidi's program is excellent! She does such a great job explaining things to the girls and my daughter felt totally comfortable asking questions.  Also, being in a small group of other girls was a great environment, helped destigmatize periods and provided answers to questions my daughter may not have thought about.  After attending, my daughter was confident, well-informed and empowered! Thanks Heidi!  

Kristen H.

I was immediately impressed with Heidi’s natural rapport with the girls. She has a special magic that endears kids these age to her. Because of this, the girls were so comfortable asking questions and learning about a topic that could be embarrassing. Heidi’s session with our group was filled with laughs, learning and love!

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